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Doce Lume Farm and Go Native! perennials

We grow nutritious food and native plants for people and wildlife!


Doce Lume Farm

We are an organic regenerative farm. We grow without pesticides and chemical amendments. We do not till. We make compost and use it to fortify our soils. We look at our soils to understand their microbiology, their fungi and bacteria, and consider ourselves "biological farmers". If soils have high nutrient and mineral value the food we produce will be more nutritious. Healthy soils, healthy food, 

healthy you!

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Go Native! perennials

Go Native! perennials (GNP) is building a stock of native perennials wildflowers (forbs), grasses, shrubs, ferns and trees. To best show off our stunning native flora, we planted two meadows, a demonstration garden, 50' beds of native plants and have 5 hoop houses for seedlings and potted plants.

Our mission is to address the looming challenges of insect collapse, bird population decline, and polluted runoff from increasingly frequent heavy rainfall events. To do that we need to offer a solution the size of the problem: BIG. Watch as we grow!

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Meet The Team

JW in garden.jpeg

Janice Wiles
Co-Founder & Owner

Janice is a biologist with decades of experience in conservation planning and implementation and organizational development in Brazil and the USA and more recently leadership on food systems change.  She is a Master Gardener with farm business training.

KEVIN RIKER_edited.png

Kevin Riker
Field Associate

Kevin has a background in software engineering, but found organic farming much more interesting!  He has learned organic farming methods through both study (with a deep dive into soil biology and mycology) and experience applying techniques used in Korean Natural Farming.  

SARAH W_. with produce.jpg


Market Associate

Sarah recently retired from running her family business "Mid Lakes Navigation".  She is a competitive ballroom dancer who loves working on the farm when she can.

In Gratitude


We extend a heartfelt thanks to Harrison’s Farm and owner Louisa for sharing acreage on which to create a native plant source within our watershed; a fundamentally critical piece to restoring biological diversity, land and water health. 

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