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Introducing Native Plants

We can each make a difference in our own yards.

There was a time when you'd go out for a drive at night and the insects were so thick that your windshield would be coated with them. Little did we know back then that clearing forests, fields and meadows to pave, build and plant lawns and monocultures over large areas would have a devastating impact on our wildlife - most noticeably on bees, birds and butterflies. Go Native! perennials introduces you to the beauty of native plants, the wonders of the wildlife that need those plants for survival, and the opportunity to have this beauty in your own yards and landscapes.


"In the past, we have asked one thing of our gardens, that they be pretty. Now they have to support life, sequester carbon, feed pollinators and manage water."  - Doug Tallamy

LANDSCAPE DESIGN 2022 educ series 2.jpg
LANDSCAPE DESIGN 2022 educ series 1.jpg

Landscape with natives for heavy rains!

Our Story

In 2018, Janice Wiles and Mary Menapace began discussing their shared vision for more beautiful, healthier, native and ecologically functional landscapes. With a jumpstart from Nannyberry Nursery and guidance from Krissy Boys at Cornell Botanic Garden/Mundy Wildflower Garden, they “soft” launched Go Native! perennials (GNP) in 2020. The GNP team is growing their knowledge while building stock of hundreds of species of flowers, grasses, shrubs, ferns and trees.  

Proud to Support

Help restore habitat where you live and let the world know you're on the map!​​

Track local flora and fauna observations and re-naturalizing efforts

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