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Doce Lume Farm was founded to...

Grow nutritious food for our friends and neighbors. Do you find it challenging to buy fresh food that hasn't been shipped and stored so that it has lost much of its nutritional value?  And, do you know if your food is grown in depleted soil, without the necessary microorganisms that break down the soil's minerals and nutrients and transfer them to your food?  Doce Lume Farm builds healthy soils that support growth of healthy food.


Much of our produce is sold to CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members (also called Farm Box Subscription members . To become a CSA member you purchase a farm share well in advance of the growing season*;  your harvest comes in a weekly box for 20 weeks over the Summer and Fall.  

*The upfront purchase helps the farmer plan for and hire farm help, buy seed and materials for seedlings, irrigation and more.

Doce Lume Produce

Your vegetables were the best I have ever had! I am thrilled to start year 3 and look forward to your anticipated expansion. Thank you so so much for providing quality produce to Skaneateles. – Karen


When I pick up my box, I always get a blast of priceless aroma therapy. - Anne, Skaneateles


Enjoy flexibility in your Farm Share. Order a full 20-week share that takes you into Fall, and will leave you with great veggies for your Thanksgiving Feast, or a biweekly share with the same produce less often!  Box sizes are small (1-2 person) and regular (2+ people/family size).  Delivery available.  Add ons include: flower bouquets, eggs, cheese, fruits and honey.


I am so appreciative that you are doing the CSA thing in Skaneateles. I am delighted to be part of this effort to get fresh vegetables to my husband and me. Many thanks for your hard work and what you are doing! I can't thank you enough.

- Barbara


Why should I join the Doce Lume Farm CSA?

THE USDA recommends eating 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

We can help with that!


Doce Lume Farm will supply you with the freshest organic produce weekly, and give you an opportunity to learn how your food is grown.

We pay special attention to creating well-balanced shares to ensure our members receive both a variety of common produce items plus some extras to experiment with. 

By joining the Doce Lume Farm's CSA you are also supporting development and growth of Go Native! perennials (GNP), a mission-driven business growing plants for re-naturalization and restoration of the Skaneateles Lake watershed (check out GNP's demo gardens and meadow). 

When you buy a CSA you support ecological landscaping education, growth of GNP, and ultimately you help to improve water quality and support the health and growth of pollinator populations and other local wildlife.

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