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A shared mission to restore the health of our land

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Go Native! perennials is watching the Northeast Organic Farming Association - CT's Ecotype Project closely to learn more about growing plants for seed stock.

Our ecosystems are in a bad way, and our wildlife and ultimately humans stand to suffer. GNP, like the Ecotype Project, is working to reverse our destructive course.

Dina Brewster, an Eco59 farmer, says:

“An important part of the Eco59 mission is to heal a broken landscape. The systematic displacement of people, the destruction of the environment, and the consequent loss of abundance is a direct result of not honoring our relationship with the land around us. I view our work, growing ecotypic seed to restore native plants in the northeast, as a reminder of all that has been lost and all that we must work to restore.”

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