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Go Native! perennials: doing our part to address seed scarcity

Updated: Jun 29

Read about seed scarcity here.

Obviously the seed scarcity problem is huge, and we are very small - but Go Native! perennials will do what we can in our eco-region to keep our natural history alive in hopes that it will one day thrive again!

As part of the Northeast Seed Network at the Native Plant Trust, we've received a list of plant species to grow, selected for several criteria:

  • wide ranging across the NE

  • relatively easy to grow/collect/store/propagate, and were likely to be included in restoration seed mixes (for a diversity of habitats)

  • keystone species in a particularly habitat type

  • underrepresented in the nursery trade, and likely good commercially

So, we're clearing more fields to grow more plants that will produce more seed!

Support our efforts to expand:

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