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Gorgeous native perennials - from our gardens to yours!

We grow large healthy plants in our fields, will dig them up and transport to your garden. Give us a call (240) 626 5209

Narrow leaf mountain mint (P tenuifolium) blooms mid summer

Penstemons - both hirsutus and digitalis - bloom in June

Seaside solidago (S sempervirens) blooms in fall

Blue vervain (V hastata) blooms in July

Boneset (E. perfoliatum) blooms mid summer

Oxeye sunflower (H helianthoides) blooms in July

New England aster (S novae-angliae) blooms in fall

Blazing star (L spicata) blooms mid summer

Scarlet bee balm (M didyma) blooms in July

Golden alexander (Z aurea) blooms in May

Common milkweed (A syriaca) blooms in July

Spotted Joe pye (E maculatum) blooms mid summer

Butterfly weed (A tuberosa) blooms in July

Purple coneflower (E purpurea) blooms mid summer

Boneset (E perfoliatum) in early blooming stage - July

New York ironweed (V noveborecensis) blooms late summer

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