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Is a CSA right for you?

#1. Do you value transparency in your food production and want to know your farm & farmer?

I am so appreciative that you are doing the CSA thing in Skaneateles. I am delighted to be part of this effort to get fresh vegetables to my husband and I. Many thanks for your hard work and what you are doing! I can't thank you enough. - Barbara B

#2. Are you around in the summer to enjoy the produce as it is ripe, and just off the vine?

The produce and herbs we received were great, and the labeling was so beautiful. We made a lovely salad last night with the greens and received complements from our guests! -Meghan T.

#3. Are you willing to get creative in the kitchen, and even try new foods?

We made pesto with the kale, spearmint, garlic scapes and sorrel. I had some spinach I needed to use too so that was thrown in there. We had a great fresh green salad. It was an excellent meal and we thank you! -Patti L

#4. Do you value fresh quality ingredients in your meals?

Just made a chard soup with leeks and gnocchi and used the fresh dill and thyme on fish last night! - Betsey M.

#5. Are you worried that there might be TOO MUCH fresh food coming your way?

Read Tips and Tricks for CSA Success and see if this helps you see how to use, and store fresh food to get the very most out of produce when it's in season.

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