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Landscaping in all shapes and sizes

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

We learned in Professor Tallamy's May 3rd presentation for Lake Friendly Living Awareness Week that even the smallest landscaping areas can have a big impact. He shared two examples.

  1. Pam Karlson lives on 1/10th of an acre (1/3 of an average U.S. lot size). Her lot is just 1/2 block from Chicago's Kennedy Expressway and adjacent to one of O'Hare International Airport's runways. She is not connected to any preserved land. Pam added 60 native plant species and a water feature to her yard. Her yard is used by 118 species of birds, including a woodcock!

  2. The Terpstra home is on .6 acres (6/10 of an acre) in suburban Kirkwood MO. The Terpstras replaced their invasive (non-native) plants with native plants and installed a "bubbler". They have attracted 149 species of birds, including 35 warblers!

Let's share in the effort to re-naturalize our lovely lake area with native plants!

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