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Pollinator Decline in NY: not good news

"From 2017-2021 the Empire State Native Pollinator Survey studied the four major groups of pollinators in New York: bees and wasps; flies; beetles; and butterflies and moths. The study concluded that 38% of native pollinators are in danger of becoming locally extinct, with some estimates reaching as high as 60%. These findings are raising awareness of the future of various pollinator species across New York State and leading experts to determine what we can do to ensure the continued existence of native pollinators in the state’s ecosystems" (Meet our Pollinators: Pollinators in Trouble, NYS Legislative Commission on Rural Resources)

Scientists warn that shifts in temperature or precipitation, or heavy storm events can pushed an already threatened animal population (low numbers, stressed by habitat loss) to extinction.

If you care about nothing else other than your family's meals, consider that pollination is critical to much of what you eat. Through their active pollination service native pollinators contribute around $3 billion/year to U.S. food production. They work hard for us, we should do the same for them. Plant native gardens, meadows and landscapes so these little creatures have food and habitat - they cannot survive without the plants they have co-evolved with, evident in their drastic population decline.

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