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Meadow Making

In partnership with SUNY ESF Restoration Science Center, Go Native! perennials put in 2 meadows in 2021, 1 meadow in June 2022 and 1 in November 2022- all at the farm for research and demonstration.  Since last year we've put in over 20 meadows and/or native plant gardens, many of those within the Skaneateles Lake watershed. 

Get on the list!  You don't need to start big - we can help you work it over time!  Contact us for ecological landscaping:

Seen here is a 3-month old 40'x40' meadow. (2021)

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Scroll through these photos to see gorgeous meadows, gardens and hardscaping created by. Go Native! perennials (New England (reclaimed) Stone hardscaping), 2 local businesses.  We're here to help you enhance your yard with native perennials that support wildlife, protect the lake and look beautiful!


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